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New Business Services

When you are just starting out in business, having a professional accountant on your team makes your life as an entrepreneur a lot simpler. The experts at Tavola can help your new business with entity selection, accounting, tax planning, and tax strategies.

Should your new business be a partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, or LLC?  This very important decision impacts your personal liability, filing and annual fees, taxation, and paperwork.  Lewis, Jacobs & Detloff explains each choice, its implications, and registers your business.

New Business Consultations

What will it cost to get your company off the ground and where that money is coming from?  How do you estimate your sales and expenses over the next couple of years?  We offer advice on accounting systems, internal controls, cash flow, risk management, lease versus buy decisions, inventory, pricing, and more.

New Business Expertise

Whether it’s sales tax, payroll taxes, or income taxes, we estimate your taxes so you’re not surprised later – and strategize to minimize your tax obligation.

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