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Business Brokerage

For entrepreneurs with businesses of all sizes, planning the next phase of life is often a challenge. When thinking of exiting your business, there are many items to consider such as:


  • what you want to happen to your legacy?

  • who you want to run your company? 

  • how much money you need from the sale? 

  • how much will you give to the government in taxes?

  • will your family or employees be interested in running the company? 

  • do you have the desire to stay on and help with the transition? 

The team of experts at the Tavola Group are here to help with your transition to the next phase of life whether that be retirement or another adventure. We provide holistic and transparent services where we help you and your family navigate the best path forward for you and your business. We work on a pure contingency basis and our consultations are completely free with no strings attached. Please see below our general roadmap, and if interested in connecting, please schedule time to discuss by clicking here.

We help entrepreneurs holistically plan their exit strategies. Contact us for a free consultation and exit analysis!

Tavola Roadmap for Selling your Business

1)    Understanding Client Objectives
Understanding your goals and timelines is the most important piece to any transaction. Our clients have a broad spectrum of desired outcomes from passing businesses to family or employees, to divesting minority or majority stakes to fuel more growth, or completely exiting a business. The structure and timing of the transactions can significantly change the proper structure both from a financing and tax perspective to reach peak efficiency to the sellers. 

2)    Valuation
Tavola’s team of legal, accounting, and finance experts provide a significant amount of valuable expertise across all industries. In addition to normal valuation methods based on quality of earnings and cash flow analyses, we also use our in-house economists to study industry trends and macroeconomics that influence the valuation of your business. 

3)    Business Operations Study
Understanding the operations of your business from the ground up is an important piece of creating institutional value and finding the proper buyer, ensuring a higher likelihood of a successful operation post-acquisition. Depending on the structure of the sale, a post-sale success path can be integral to obtaining the best financial outcome to the seller in addition to maintain the legacy of the business.

4)    Development of Marketing Documents
As the final step before marketing the business for sale, and in conjunction with the business operations review, the Tavola team works with you to develop marketing materials that accurately depict the company to the public in a manger that highlights your value and positioning within your industry.

5)    Identifying Prospective Buyers
Tavola will actively solicit our network of potential buyers through private and public solicitation. Holding internal communications with prospective buyers, and filtering down to the best possible buyers for your goals. 

6)    Negotiations and Structures
Our team works with you and your counsel(s) to structure deals with potential buyers in the most efficient way possible, giving an emphasis on post-tax profit to the seller. Depending on the facts and circumstances, there are a variety of structure options available including but not limited to stock deals, asset deals, leveraged buyouts, ESOP transactions, stock-for-stock transactions, IPOs, and a plethora more. 

7)    Closing
The final piece to the engagement is ensuring the deals make it to closing, and that all parties have clear expectations on any post-closing obligations that may be a part of the transaction. The amount of diligence and transparency that we operate with leads to less surprises that could interrupt a timely closing.

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